West Engineering Company, Inc.




     West Engineering Company, Inc., provides machine shop and associated engineering services to meet needs for prototype, custom and production quantites of parts, sub assemblies, or complete "turnkey" machinery.

     Unlike most machine shops, the company can produce individual metal parts from smaller than a dime to those in excess of 30 feet long and weighing as much as 20 tons. Metals and materials machined range from basic steel to exotic alloys and special needs composites.

     Manufacturing sectors served include industrial, chemical processing, mining, heavy construction, agricultural equipment and commercial manufacturing.

     Components, assemblies and complete machines from West Engineering Company, Inc., may be found at facilites that produce or assemble a wide range of products, including synthetic fibers, glass, pulp and paper, chemicals, medical devices, ship and military hardware, and the full spectrum of mining, processing and recovery of raw materials such as metals, coal, pigments, phosphate, etc., extrusion and molding, and many more.

     We offer "one source responsibility" to our valued customers. Discover how we may meet your unique requirements for machining and related enginering services by contacting us today.

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