West Engineering Company, Inc.


Pressure Vessels, Custom Weldments, General Welding, and Pressure Testing

West has a two-fold approach to fabrication which enables us to service our customers who have general welding requirements, as well as those who have needs centered on pressure vessel requirements.


Custom weldments from carbon, stainless, aluminum, high temperature nickel and titanium alloys for special machines and various applications are all handled in the West facility.  Pressure vessel requirements to ASME Code Section VIII, jacketed piping to B31.3 or pressure vessels to the European TUV Code are all part of the service West offers.  Non-destructive testing (radiograph, ultrasonic, dye penetrant) is all part of what we do.   Various types of pressure testing such as, water over air, hydrostatic, halogen leak, and TMDowtherm are provided .


See our facilities and equipment listing for specifications on available welding equipment.